Feeling fancy over the holidays? Here is how to serve (and enjoy!) caviar like a seasoned pro. Caviar is a true delicacy, the salty bubbles pop in your mouth like Champagne. A tiny little bit is all you need. I admit that I had never tried caviar before meeting Le Chef. Fish roe, yes. Those big orange Salmon Roe beads served in nori paper in a sushi restaurant, or those teeny tiny black or orange lumpfish eggs that coat the sides of a California roll. Fish roe, but not caviar. Sturgeon caviar is fine caviar at its best.

HOW TO EAT CAVIAR: ​The traditional way to eat caviar is with a selection of condiments: – hardboiled egg whites and yolk served separately – finely chopped chives and shallots – lemon wedges – ​capers – crème fraîche or unsalted butter. Cream cheese also works well! – toast points made from white bread, blinis (mini pancakes) or unsalted crackers

WHAT IS CAVIAR? Caviar is fish eggs from Sturgeon fish or Sturgeon Roe. The delicate eggs range from grey, to dark brown to black caviar. There are different varieties but the finest caviar is Beluga, then Osetra Caviar (or Ossetra). Before, caviar was only available in the fanciest restaurants, but now with the rise of caviar farming and also the ability to buy it in an online store, you can enjoy caviar at home.

CAVIAR APPETIZERS – Caviar with condiments: blinis (small pancake) or toast points, crème fraîche or sour cream, lemon wedges, hard boiled egg whites and egg yolks (presented separately), finely chopped shallots, red onion and or chives. Capers can also be presented. – Caviar bump (more on that below) – Caviar over hard-boiled eggs – Potato Chips and Caviar with sour cream – Caviar over scrambled eggs (a true delicacy!)