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croque madame with runny yol

Three Cheese Croque Madame

  • Author: lechefswife
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 15
  • Total Time: 25
  • Yield: 1 1x
  • Category: French
  • Method: baked, grilled
  • Cuisine: French


Topped with a runny egg, this Three Cheese Croque Madame is the perfect Brunch dish. The decadence and richness of flavor of the Bûche de Chèvre, the Comté and the Langres make for an unforgettable French Bistro classic, with a twist! 




Croque Madame for One (Make sure to multiply the ingredients if you are cooking for more people!)

2 Slices of Brioche Bread

2 slices of European Ham, thickly sliced

4 slices of Comté Cheese, thickly sliced (¼ inch thick)

2 tbsp of butter (unsalted)

1 tbsp of Langres Cheese, cut into 5 small pieces

Crémeux de Chèvre

¾ cup whole cream

½ cup of Bûche de Chèvre, cut into small chunks

Sprinkle of nutmeg

1 Egg (to serve on top)


Pre-heat the oven to 350F

Crémeux de Chèvre

Heat the cream over medium low heat. Once it begins to lightly simmer, add the chèvre and the nutmeg. Stir frequently – do not let the cream come to a boil. Let reduce until it thickens. Remove from the stove.

Make the Croque Madame Sandwich:

Butter the base of one slice of Brioche Bread, set buttered side down.

Place the slices of Comté Cheese followed by a layer of ham on top.

Ladle a ¼ cup of Crémeux de Chèvre on top of the ham.

Top with the second slice of Brioche Bread, buttered on the outside.

Heat a non-stick pan with the remaining tbsp of butter over medium heat.

Grill the Croque Madame until the Brioche becomes golden on the outside, flip over. Grill until the other side is golden and the Comté is slightly melted inside.

Remove the sandwich from the pan with a spatula and set on a greased cookie sheet.

Ladle another ¼ cup of Crémeux de Chèvre on top of the sandwich (its okay if it runs down the sides)

Cook in the oven for 10 minutes.

Two minutes before the Croque Madame is ready to come out of the oven, fry an egg sunny side up in your greased non-stick pan over medium heat, leaving a runny yoke.

Remove the Croque Madame from the oven. Set on a plate.

Gently set the fried egg on top of the Croque Madame.

Sprinkle the small pieces of Langres cheese around the yolk. They will melt beautifully into the egg with the heat of the dish.

Serve immediately. 

Bon Appétit!


A Croque Madame is just like a Croque Monsieur but with runny fried egg on top!

While a Croque Madame traditionally is made with Gruyère Cheese, I prefer a strong Comté – it has a nutty flavor that I love. Instead of making a Béchamel (white sauce made with flour and milk), I like to make a Crémeux with Goat cheese. Using the goat cheese as a thickening agent with the milk makes for such a rich and decadent taste. Lastly, I like to top the Croque Madame with a really creamy cheese that has some bite to it, like a Langres or Époisses. Just a little bit is enough to elevate the dish.

Keywords: Croque Madame, Croque Monsieur, Grilled Cheese